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                Chios / Xios               

Since September 1998 is Chios our holiday destination and in September 2019 we will also be on this Island.

Chios lies at the centre of a group of islands in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is separated from Asia Minor by the Strait of Cesme. It is the 5th largest island in Greec, it has an area of 850 qkm. Many of Chios villages have been declared protected monuments because or their unique
Architecture. These villages, together with the beautifule landscapes and sparkling clean beaches are worth to see. As the touristic infastructure is developing at a leisurely pace, allowing it to preserve many features of ist traditionel life.


Perleas Mansion

Vangelis Xydas, Vitiadou & Stroumpi Street, GR-82100 Cambos, Insel Chios, Greece

Tel: (+30) 22710 32217

Fax. (+30) 22710 32364


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